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an art of touching people in their depth and of dissolving patterns and trapped emotions.


The art lies in working in a cause-oriented manner, so that negative stored emotions are processed and inner blockages are dissolved.

This is how we reach the root, the cause of the problems and symptoms.


Our body is the reflection of our inner state. Through symptoms, messages and signals, the body shows us that something is wrong and asks us to look consciously.


I want to encourage you and inspire you to think beyond your own limits and to grow. So that you open yourself to a path that you may not have even considered before. I assure you that the path with hypnosis is very powerful and also harmonizes with other medical treatment methods.

It is the key to our unconscious, to our feelings and opens up unlimited possibilities for us.

The goal is to release the trapped feelings and limitations in order to get to our true core. It is a process that takes place inside and restores the inner atmosphere.


In this connection we can feel again who we really are and what our purpose in life is. The more that can dissolve and heal, the more allowing a life of awareness to connect with wholeness and everything begins to flow. Self-love, joy of life, relationships, health, etc.


Think, feel and act in harmony.

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