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Zentrum für Geist / Gesundheit / Wohlbefinden 
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Intuitiv medial Begleitet

You are beautiful there. I see you.


As a medium, it is for me to touch the most beautiful people inside, to make hidden things visible again and to see how they show their true expression.


Become fully aware and get clarity about what you want in life.

Everything is in you, only you know your way.


Reconnect with yourself and express your own truth.

Being free from blockages & traumas that helped us get love and affection back then.

It's now about becoming aware of the situations in which I don't stand by myself and adapting, breaking through them and moving on.


Be open, excited and grateful for everything you have experienced in life, because it has made you the person you are today.

Find the way back to you and your true core.


The keyauthenticityand you will be healed.


Mediale Hypnose

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Philipp Hagmann
Satteleggweg 7 / 3752 Wimmis

+41 77 535 54 60 


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